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Insanely Cool Products That You Probably Haven’t Heard About!

 by Amanda Griffin on April 9th, 2019

Technology is advancing at an amazing rate. The speed at which technological innovation and advancement is occurring is incredible. Innovative products range from cool toys and tools to health devices and problem-solving gadgets.

If your 2019 resolutions include saving money or getting healthier, or improving your productivity you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the top products to help you actually achieve your goals.

To thank our readers, we’ve negotiated with these gadget-makers to get a Special Deals for first-time buyers! Most of the gadgets shown come with Free Shipping and Special Discounts as well for limited time.

1. Colour Watches - These Smartwatches Can Save Your Life!

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In recent years, life has become more stressful than it has ever been. As a consequence, more and more people are suffering from stress-related problems. Studies have found that stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depressions and more. Colour Watch is a perfect watch that is taking sales by storm with exclusive and cutting-edge designs, as it is not simply a smart watch that will track your steps and estimate the calories burned in your exercises, it goes far beyond that, being able to monitor levels such as blood pressure, basal metabolism, check your heart rate, and many other vital signs.

2. iBooster – Enjoy Insane WiFi Speed Boosts And Range Extension

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It's the idea of an ex-engineer of one of the largest internet providers. While working there he discovered two crazy things: Firstly, Internet operators were slowing down your speeds. During peak times you are getting a fraction of the speeds you are actually paying for... Secondly, the ISPs were selling us cheap, substandard wifi routers. This meant customers would need to pay more and upgrade to get good speeds across their whole home... And didn't seem right to him. So, he developed a device that bypassed the ISP's speed throttling. At the same time, it greatly increases the range and speed of your existing home WiFi. Finally, this device is so simple, that anyone with no technical knowledge could use it. 

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HTC RE - A Camera So Simple It Doesn’t Even Have A Power Button

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VR Box - The 3D VR Headset is Amazing For Gaming Experience And Designed to Work With Any Smart Phone

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Electric Skateboard - The Best Riding Experience You Can Dream Off!

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Smart Home Garden - This Smart Garden Lets Everyone Grow Fresh Herbs At Home With Zero Effort.